Album files:
music WAV file (47'34")
liner notes RTF file (same text as below)
cover art JPG file (same image as above)
ZIP file (contains the above files)


If you are reading this, then you have access to a free album called “Music-Shaped Hole” by Durian Brow, a music-oriented duo comprised of Zach Darrup on guitar and Ben Bennett on percussion.

This text functions as both the “liner notes” and “press release.” Find the audio (one 47’43” WAV file) in the same place you found this text or at the URL provided below.

We are emailing this album to friends and acquaintances and sharing it on the peer-to-peer file-sharing network Soulseek. We may or may not post it on social media platforms. We think this is currently the best way to share this music for several reasons:

You are more than welcome and encouraged to:

If you think you like this music or perhaps relate to it in a way that is not so much about “liking” but is in some way “good,” I’d like to suggest that you could enrich your experience of it by supporting it somehow. Here are a few of the ways you could do that:

URL for the audio, text, and art files:
Secondary URL: (Includes FLAC and MP3 options)

¹ Many thanks to Jonathan Pfeffer for his input and editing.